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So I’m staring at a blank white screen, not really sure of what to write. It’s been…how many years? During that time my shrine became victim to my tendency to put random things on every surface of my room. It … Continue reading

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Flamekeeping 101 Prompts: Definitions and Explanations

This series is going to be me working through the book Kindling Our Stars: Nurturing Bright and Dark Flames by Genevieve Wood. I’ll be referring to blog posts from, as well as the sections in the book when I … Continue reading

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Reconciling Flamekeeping with Anarchism

First of all, I’ve been studying Flamekeeping. Now, I really, really like this way of looking at the world. I fully believe that the Divine is in everything. I partially consider myself a flamekeeper, only partially because I haven’t worked … Continue reading

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Being spiritual and mentally ill…

It’s hard. You may know me from my other blog, Bluh Bluh Psychosis. You might be surprised to know that I’m actually quite spiritual, though I do have many, many moments of doubt. I have experienced dreams and such where … Continue reading

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