So I’m staring at a blank white screen, not really sure of what to write. It’s been…how many years? During that time my shrine became victim to my tendency to put random things on every surface of my room. It was pretty bad. I only recently got it cleaned up and nice.

Might change my url. Not sure. I’m going to be talking more about religion here, so I’m not sure if the current title fits.

In any case. Hi, I’m Erratic. I’m also known by my Shemsu name, Yinepudjesef. Or just Zef. I’m a member of the House of Netjer. Reconnecting with the community after years of trying to recover to some degree after my long time spent psychotic. Literally, I have schizophrenia. My medication works great though, so please don’t assume I am currently experiencing hallucinations or delusions. If I were, I’d need to change my meds.

I mainly worship Yinepu/Anubis/Anpu, as well as Set/Seth/Sutekh, Sokar, and Sobek. I try to give offerings regularly, and plan on getting back into daily prayer, ect. I don’t tend to experience what I’ve heard called ‘god phone’. That is, I don’t hear my gods talk to me, or get strong specific vibes, or such. If anything I get a vague ‘I think that went well’ feeling after offerings. Or something else vague. I’ve had strong positive experiences in the past, but that’s rare. Even when I was still hallucinating regularly.

I’m not really sure what to blog about. If anyone has any ideas, or a 30-day challenge type deal, I’m open to that.

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