Reconciling Flamekeeping with Anarchism

First of all, I’ve been studying Flamekeeping. Now, I really, really like this way of looking at the world. I fully believe that the Divine is in everything. I partially consider myself a flamekeeper, only partially because I haven’t worked through all of the book and journaling that I feel I need to do.

So what’s the problem?

I think I’m an anarchist.

In this post, it is mentioned that the writer is never in support of anarchy. Ever.

Now, as far as I know, there is nothing in the anarchism -I- know that automatically makes it incompatible with Flamekeeping. For one thing, my anarchism is highly involved in being social, and building a society. It’s also quite organized and *gasp* orderly. It simply means that I am against hierarchy. I don’t believe that anyone has the right to ‘rule’ over others, and I believe that society should be ordered from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. People having direct democracy to elect delegates, and delegates who -only- follow their mandate or else they just aren’t delegates anymore. Freedom to participate in groups or not. Everyone getting the care they need. -Not- the freedom to do anything you want, even things that hurt others. -Not- terrorism. That is not the anarchism I know.

Now, I don’t think I’ll live to see this sort of society, but I certainly believe it’s a valid way for people to organize themselves. It’s also the sort of society I’d prefer to live in.

I honestly think this is just a misunderstanding of what anarchy is. Yes, it’s used colloquially to mean ‘chaos’, but that’s not what I mean when I say I’m an anarchist.

Now, Flamekeeping talks about rules a bit. But from what I understand, what I’m doing/believing doesn’t make me not a flamekeeper. My life goals are to make the world around me better. I’m attempting to have a balance between my light and dark flame (though I admit, I’m bad at it). I do not believe that the ends justify the means. I see everyone as Divine, and I think that view is part of -why- I may be an anarchist.

I hope this made sense. Thanks for reading.

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